Wilson - Esakoff is a musical duo based in Ventura, California whose members are John Wilson and Mark Esakoff. They play laid-back acoustic guitar cover songs from the '70s and other favorites at public venues & private events. Their years of friendship and recording partnership have turned into a fun live performance. 

John (Jack-E) Wilson is a Canadian born singer/songwriter who has been writing, performing, recording and producing music in many genres since the early ‘70s.  His primary instruments are guitar and pedal steel, but he is also proficient on bass, drums, harmonica, keys and lap-steel guitar. He has performed as a solo artist, as well as a member in many duos, trios and full bands up to and including full orchestra plus choir ensembles. He has worked with and performed on stage with a variety of well-known musical and theater artists including:  Stephen Stills (CS&N), Bernie Leadon/Randy Meisner (Eagles), Billy Preston (Beatles), Barry McQuire (Eve of Destruction), Elliott Mintz (Headshop), Buck Taylor (Gunsmoke), John Faron (Nashville recording artist), Johnathan Poole (Beach Boys), Black Pearl, Ambrosia, Marty Rifkin (Bruce Springsteen, Hans Zimmer), Richard Hill and many others. 

Mark Esakoff is a singer/songwriter who was born in Montebello, California.  Playing guitar, lute, balalaika, ukulele and marimba; he comes from a musical background in rock and folk, later being inspired by jazz and flamenco while studying music at San Diego State University. Upon graduating he took his guitar and traveled for two years through America, Europe and North Africa.  During this time he honed his performing skills as a street musician, playing from Swedish cafes to Egyptian bazaars. When returning to the states, he soon got into the recording studio where he made over forty recordings at four different studios with eight different sound engineers from 1982-1987. These songs were released under the name of Mark Freddy & The Flanger Managers and were played on college radio around the country. Later, he formed the world jazz band Chasm (est. 1987) whose latest album; Wood, Wind & Skin, was voted winner for "Best Contemporary Instrumental Album of 2020” by One World Music Awards. Mark also performs, composes and records indie rock under the name of Esakoff.