"Sunny southern California acoustic mystique..."  -Kate Stevens, Indie Rock Café


"I think Esakoff’s younger self would be proud with what his older self accomplished with these songs."  -Jamie Funk, Pitch Perfect


"From the chanted words to the inclusion of a balalaika, the song is very unique in its sound... Christians looking for a unique take on worship that blends old with new should give Esakoff's "Glory Slava" a listen."  -John Underdown, Jesus Freak Hideout


"Putting out an album that reflects your history as a writer and musician is a great accomplishment and Esakoff has pulled it off."  -Bryon William, Please Pass The Indie


“Esakoff's band, Chasm, had a unique jazz sound. They didn't exactly fit into the smooth jazz norm. Neither does this current album by Esakoff fit into any specific rock category.”   -Bruce E Von Stiers, BVS Reviews


"Esakoff has an incredibly fluid, percussive guitar style that lends itself perfectly..."  -Lisa M. Moore, Spa Magazine


"Esakoff is the quintessential romantic musician, creating moods and ambience that are light and airy with a tinge of seriousness."  -Chuck Diliberto, Awareness Magazine